The present and future of ultrasonic welding technology


The present and future of ultrasonic welding technology

Ultrasonic Welding Systems
The demand of the production industry for complex and efficient automation systems is constantly increasing. Herrmann Ultrasonics offers a wide range of solutions for ultrasonic system integration. The basis is therefore sound ultrasonic expert knowledge and a modern product portfolio: From system integration and smooth start-up to production assistance and professional operator training - Herrmann Ultrasonics provides the general prerequisites for safe process-related implementation of a flexible automation system.
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    HiS B 20 kHz  정밀한 정렬 - 소노트로드의 미세 조정을 위한 특허받은 정렬 모듈 (평면 평행 정렬)- 90°마다 거친..
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    HiS B 35 kHz  정밀성, 낮은 용착 압력 - 특허 받은 지그 시스템 (5~260N의 압력 범위)- 낮은 압력 범위에서 ..
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    HiS W  정밀한 정렬 ■ 소노로드 위치, Sideshift, Cable clamping, Cable s..
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    HiS T  정밀한 정렬 ■ 소노로드 위치 및 교체 가능한 고정장치와 같은 개별 기능 요소의 빠르고 안전하..
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    ULTRAMETAL digital  ULTRAMETAL간헐적 애플리케이션을 위한 강력한 초음파 발생기 - 디지털 ULTRAMETAL 제품 시리즈는 ..
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Advantages of Ultrasonic Metal Welding
Ultrasonic welding is mainly suitable for copper and aluminum connections. The process requires little energy and is fast. Components joined by ultrasonic metal welding equipment have high strength and excellent electrical conductivity, since the vibrations destroy oxide layers and remove impurities on metal surfaces. Contact resistances, such as those taking place during soldering or crimping do not occur. Reproducibility of the process sequences is important for precise and efficient production with a high degree of quality monitoring. The quality of ultrasonically welded connections therefore heavily depends on application-specific process development. In the laboratory at Herrmann Ultrasonics, we systematically determine the optimum process parameters for your ultrasonic weld task and design the perfect weld system for your production environment.

Fast and efficient production process

High degree of quality monitoring

Process optimization using a wide range of welding parameters

Additives such as solder are not required

Solid and conductive connections without contact resistances

Ideal for anodes and cathodes in lithium-ion batteries, stranded wires, busbars, and cable harnesses

The Herrmann Family of Ultrasonic Metal Welders
Our line of ultrasonic metal welders is ideal for welding battery components, cables, and terminals in the automotive, electronics, and energy sectors. At Herrmann Ultrasonics, we produce specific machines optimized for each of these tasks.

HiS VARIO B is great for the ultrasonic welding of copper or aluminum as part of battery assembly. Designed for either integration into automated equipment, or manual operation, this product provides patented, accurate and repeatable sonotrode alignment and quick tool changes. EtherCAT, PROFINET IO and EtherNet/IP interfaces are available.

For ultrasonic welding aluminum or copper cable to terminals, consider HiS VARIO W. This too is offered as a manual workstation or automation integration. Quick, reproducible tool change and precise sonotrode alignment for quality results across various assemblies. Large gauge cables up to 95 mm2 can be welded.

Terminal welding is addressed by HiS VARIO T. Busbars and power distribution assemblies are quickly adapted in this modular design.

The heart of all Herrmann Ultrasonics’ machines is the ULTRAMETAL digital ultrasonic generator. Intended for intermittent applications, this product is available in 20 and 35 kHz frequencies with power from 1200W to 6200W. Whenever you’re trying to find an ultrasonic metal welder for sale, make sure this is the generator it uses.
Application solutions
For battery applications as well as automotive, electrical, and electronics industries