The present and future of ultrasonic welding technology


The present and future of ultrasonic welding technology











For packaging with thermoplastic sealing layers, such as capsules, pouches, drink cartons, cups and trays, ultrasonic sealing provides a large number of options: above all, high cycle rates and tight seals despite potential product residues in the seal area.

Ultrasonic technology fulfills all criteria of process optimization and validation crucial to food packaging companies.

Application groups

Capsules, tea bags

Sealing of lid films, welding of seal rings and embedding of filters are the most important applications for which ultrasonic welding provides a solution. The weld tools hold the film in place by means of vacuum. Shelf life and product protection are ensured due to the tools being cold.

Spouts, valves, zippers

With ultrasonics, fast and safe welding of injection molded degassing valves or spouts on films of any type is possible. Film shrinkage is prevented and the barrier properties are not jeopardized since ultrasonics only excites the molecules in the actual sealing layer. Moreover, ultrasonics allows for safe integration of zippers for re-sealable pouches and welding of the zipper ends (zipper-crushing).

Film packaging

With ultrasonics it is possible to safely push product residues out of the seal area, which ensures absolutely tight sealing. This significantly reduces the number of leaking packaging and shelf life of the products in the supermarkets is increased. Ultrasonics provides this advantage for stand-up pouches, chained bags and bags, both at longitudinal and transverse joints, in intermittent and continuous applications

Drink packaging

Ultrasonic welding is very well suited for coated carton packaging material. Despite wetting with filled products, tight seals are ensured with or without aluminum barrier. Integration of spouts is easily possible. High output due to short sealing times. Repeatable parameters ensure consistently high sealing quality.

Cups, blister packs, trays

On PET applications in particular, ultrasonics quickly reaches the high melting point and therefore results in an increase in production output. Sealing and separating blister packs is easily possible, also integration of tear out sections and tamper-evident seals.