The present and future of ultrasonic welding technology


The present and future of ultrasonic welding technology











Ultrasonic welding of nonwovens is an extremely fast and stable process that is easily repeatable and directly available without the need for pre-heating. The technology allows for simultaneous embossing, laminating and cutting.

The laminated materials provide a pleasant softness and fulfill all requirements for wear comfort and functionality.

Application groups

Adult hygiene

The demand for adult hygiene products is constantly increasing. Discreet and comfortable products are high on demand. When it comes to incontinence products the main applications for ultrasonics are establishing a safe side seam and integrating elastic bands for the typical elastic leg cuff. Also, low-cost diapers are becoming more and more popular. They are cut and laminated in a simple but patented process using ultrasonics.

Baby hygiene

Producing diapers without any solvent-containing adhesives has become a tangible dream! By now, it is possible to perform every single manufacturing step for production of diapers using ultrasonics. Ultrasonics is most frequently used for layer bonding (ADL fixation= acquisition distribution layer), back sheet and leg cuffs. But also intermittent fixation of the tabs and fastening systems can be easily realized by means of an ultrasonic module. All ultrasonic processing steps for production of diapers have in common that the resulting hand feel is very good and tightness of the diaper is ensured.


Topsheet and acquisition distribution layer are joined at high speeds. Due to targeted energy input on ultrasonic weld spots optimum wear comfort is achieved. Ultrasonics guarantees high strength and simultaneous soft feel, also for fixation of sanitary napkin wings or finishing of textile edges.

Cosmetics and personal care products

Shape-welding is required i.e. for single-use hand mittens in different variations. The product remains soft and smooth without rough edges and at the same time maximum layer adhesion is guaranteed. Cutting with ultrasonics is fiber-free and results in clean, distinctive cuts. Moreover, soft surfaces are not damaged during ultrasonic embossing. More on this application