The present and future of ultrasonic welding technology


The present and future of ultrasonic welding technology











The concept of automation covers different fields of application for ultrasonic technology: Weld systems integrated in an automatic system, individual components used in special-type welding machines, or flexible use in robot cells.

All of these areas have one thing in common: their high requirements for reliability of ultrasonic technology in continuous daily operation.

Application groups

Industrial Automation

Ultrasonic welding processes often need to be integrated into complex automation lines as individual production steps. Self-contained systems with separate weld process controllers are used for this purpose.
In this way even the most complex types of weld applications can be integrated and implemented in automation processes in a reproducible manner. Systems by Herrmann Ultraschall ensure easy start-up.
Easy system integration
High precision
Weld process control

Multihead components

For builders of customized machines, specially designed ultrasonic generators and converters are available for selection. In this context we specifically adapt to and try to meet our customers’ requirements to ensure maximum utilization of the work space.
The actuators from the COMPACTLINE product line, complete the product range for multi-head weld applications.
Robust components
Modular system
Adapt to meet customer requirements

Flexible robot cells

To meet the requirements for flexibility in production due to great variant diversity and small batch sizes, robot systems are increasingly used. Despite continuous stresses acting on the ultrasonic components, excellent reproducibility from weld spot to weld spot is required. Thanks to the PreLoaded concept, the non-production times as part of the overall cycle times are considerably reduced.
Permanent reliability
Cycle-time optimization by PreLoaded
High degree of production flexibility